"Rather Fail with Honor than Succeed by Fraud" - Sophocles


Security Consulting

Our professional culture aims to understand the business environment and strategic goals of our clients. We provide legal and business advice. We improve our value for the customer through the provision of security consulting.

Threat Detection

Threat detection and response service helps customers tap their full potential. Through implementation and post-implementation support, Fair Play Warriors will confirm that everything is configured and deployed.

Risk Management

The risk management practice delivers strategic consulting services to help you optimize your organization’s risk management program and ensure that fraud is prevented before it has a chance to manifest. 

Strategic Advisory

We can assess your organization’s capabilities for managing a wide variety of digital risks, indicate where you have gaps, and apply financial and business impact analysis to ensure your strategy is inclusive.

Chargeback Protection

Fair Play Warriors empowers issuers to deliver confirmed dispute cases to merchants in near real-time to quickly resolve with a refund or cancel the authorization, stopping both fraud and non-fraud disputes and chargebacks.

Claims Handling

We have a smart claim evaluation solution to optimize your claims handling process. As a supervised self-learning system, our decision engine automatically assesses the fraud risk of a reported insurance claim. 

Resolve your Disputes

Learn how you can resolve disputes and prevent chargeback today! Secure your business interests by setting up mechanisms of risk management processes. For more information on what we can do for you contact us.