Specialization, responsiveness, foresight and integrity are the keys to providing our clients with whom we develop ongoing legal support.

Our professional culture aims to understand the business environment and strategic goals of our clients. We provide legal and business advice. We are an effective judicial team that approaches, from the usual to the most sophisticated, the concept, flexibility and thoroughness of each case, to ensure the best outcome. 

We are sensitive to business ethics, as well as to corporate and ethical issues. Contact us and find out why more than 1,000 customers worldwide choose Fair Play Warriors for online fraud prevention and risk management solutions. 

Our Story

The founders of Fair Play Warrios have dealt with online scams in finance for most of their careers. Time after time we saw consumers who were lied to and defrauded of their savings, or worst, left accountable for something they did not do.

We derive immense satisfaction from helping the victims of online frauds recover their funds, but frustrated by the often high legal bills they had to pay to recover what was rightfully theirs, and this was the inspiration behind launching Fair Play Warriors.


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Our strength is knowledge and experience