Have you ever lost money to fraudulent transactions? At Fair Play Warriors we uncover fraudulent practices, bringing those responsible to justice, and helping people like you recover what is theirs.

Combating online fraud

Most frauds now have some form of an online element. Don’t give up in the face of online fraud. You don’t have to face the shame and frustration by yourself. We are proud to be part of the struggle to make the online environment safe and secure. Fair Play Warriors offers a range of fraud-fighting solutions to enable you to manage risk in the right way. We represent the victims of online fraud to the banks, financial regulators, credit companies, the companies that defrauded them and, at last resort, to the law enforcement entities. 

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Our risk management solutions address the risks that organizations across sectors are encountering as they weave digital technologies deeper into their operations.

The business model of the fraudulent companies is based on fleecing those who, in the absence of expert representation, back down and give up in the face of adversity and obstructionism. If you suspect you’ve experienced a data breach, we offer immediate incident response services. In addition, we offer a range of strategic services designed to help you craft a business-driven security strategy and revitalize your governance, risk and compliance program.

Fraud prevention

Remember – the financial and business regulations are on your side. The fraudulent companies, are the violators, and it is they who have everything to fear from shining a light on their activities. Let us help you shine that light.

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